About Reasoned Hope 

The Reasoned Hope podcast is dedicated to exploring the intellectual credibility of the Christian faith. This is done by looking at objections to Christianity as well as making a positive case for the truth of its core claims. Along the way, this will involve comparing Christianity to other worldviews as well as discussing important cultural issues that relate to the most foundational questions of life. 

Your Host

Parks Edwards

I started this podcast in December of 2020 to make a small contribution to Christian apologetics. I was raised in a Christian home, but started having questions in seventh grade about my faith. I was aware that not everyone believed in Christianity. I began to wonder, "How do I know that what I have been taught is actually true? What if Christianity is not true and some other religion is?" It seemed obvious that I could not believe in Christianity just because my family did or anyone else. 

In response to these questions, I began to explore the vast terrain of Christian apologetics and I have been on this journey ever since. The longer I have looked into these issues, the more convinced I am that Christianity is the true worldview. While this certainly does not mean I have everything figured out and every question answered, my repeated experience has been that the answers stand up to the challenges. 

It has been said by someone much smarter than me to "beware the sound of one hand clapping". In other words, always be aware that there are two sides to every argument. The practical application of this for me is to listen to and think about the best objections to Christianity from thoughtful people and see if its truth claims hold up. This podcast is my small effort to do just that. Regardless of where you are at in your beliefs, I hope the podcast gives you something valuable to think about. Thanks for listening!